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Senior News & Deadlines (graduating June 2017) » Important News / Updates / Upcoming Events and Deadlines for SENIORS!

Important News / Updates / Upcoming Events and Deadlines for SENIORS!

July 27, 2017
Helloooooooooooooooooo SENIORS. Are you ready for your last AND best year of Manor High School? That's right, last year for this building. You are the last graduating class this building will ever see. That means your class will leave the lasting impression for the city of Manor. How do you want to be remembered? As the best.....or as something else? You all have the chance to set records that will NEVER BE BROKEN. Why? Because next year this building will be a campus for grades 9 & 10. Any record you and your class set here will not be able to be broken in this building. You have the ability and chance to set personal records in sports, academics, UIL competitions, graduates........anything you desire and live in infamy.  
Last years' graduating class set the record for the most graduates in numbers and percentage. Think you can beat them? We'll talk at the beginning of the year and I'll show you how easy it will be to do. I need all of you to simply ask yourself if you will be the best you can be every day for the rest of your lives? Not better than everyone else, just the best YOU CAN BE? The answer is yes. You all can and will. I have confidence in all of you. See you soon.