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Manor High School Library Engages Readers With Hunt Based on Popular Novel

The Manor High School library is challenging students with an “Easter egg” hunt to celebrate the popular novel “Ready Player One” and its upcoming movie adaptation.

In 2011, Ernest Cline wrote “Ready Player One,” a futuristic dystopia that includes hunting for Easter eggs, or embedded code written by programmers. MHS librarian Cathy Ash added two copies to the shelves when it came out and it has been repeatedly checked out.

The March release of the “Ready Player One” movie is causing great excitement. To ensure the excitement continues, Ms. Ash has modeled a hunt similar to the one in the book. The hunt includes online and real-world strategies, references a number of pop-culture idioms, and is structured for winner-take-all with a $10 Starbucks card as the grand prize.

The hunt opened in early march. The first step involves playing Zerg Rush, a 30-year old easter egg in Google. Once students find that egg, they can get the code for the first hint. Each hint will lead to another, until one student finishes the hunt and claims the prize!

This is the first of two hunts planned for the year. The second, in January, will be longer and more detailed. The prize for January is two movie tickets to see the release of “Ready Player One” at a Pflugerville cinema.

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