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Welcome to the official website of the Manor Mustangs! #WAMM


Digital and Interactive Media 
(512) 278-4800 

1st period: 8:45-9:40
2nd period: 9:44-10:44
3rd period: 10:48-11:43
4th period: 11:47-12:42
Lunch: 12:42-1:12
5th period: 1:16-2:11
6th period: (Conference) 2:15-3:10 PM
7th period: 3:14-4:10
**Please make arrangements for after school or before school lab time.* 
Currently, I can meet you Wednesdays or Thursdays at 7:30 am or I can stay until 5:30 pm on Tuesdays.
Arrangements MUST be made in advance so that I can rearrange my schedule.
If those times don't work for you, please see me.
Please click here to see the "DIM Expectations" file for classroom goals, rules, and procedures.
I am also working on a website to make it easier for parents to see the kinds of things we're working on. Please be patient as it is a work in progress! :)
Interested in making a donation to our classroom? Here's a list of needs!

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